Safety During Competition Shooting

Competition shooting is fun and enjoyable, but all participants must comply with strict rules. Some people think the rules are restrictive, but they’re in place to keep everyone safe. People shoot competitively at the range because they enjoy the sport, the rush they get and the excitement, but most people know how dangerous shooting can be, especially if rules aren’t there to follow.

When you shoot at the range, employees are there to serve as range officers. They monitor what’s going on at the range as well as ensure the safety of everyone that is at the match. The officer has the right to stop shooting any time if he feels that it is unsafe. The cease fire command is given if any shooter is found to violate any rules of safe shooting after a warning.

Important safety rules to keep in mind when at the shooting range:

competition handguns

·    Never point your weapon at yourself or at another person, even if it is in a joking manner

·    Do not load the gun with your finger on the trigger

·    Do not unintentionally discharge a firearm

·    Do not drop the firearm

·    Don’t move the gun position with a closed bolt position

·    Loading a firearm without proper commands

·    Walking toward the direction of a live shooting range

Any violations of these rules may result in a cease fire order and your removal from the shooting range. When you’re at the range, make sure you have the best competition handguns to prevent misfire and other problems. Be sure that you are comfortable with your gun and always follow the safety rules that are in place for safe gun handling and ownership. Your safety, as well as the safety of others at the range, is most important and it’s only when you keep the rules in place that everyone is protected.

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