Wiping The Tears From Your Eyes

For that you will need a soft-ply tissue. But even that could bring a tear to your eye. You are just so aware of all the waste that continues to be created around the world. No matter how much the retailer says it is so, do not believe a word they say about this tissue of yours being environmentally friendly. Because no sooner have you wiped away that tear, what do you do? You toss the tissue away, don’t you?

Far better is it to have a solid hankie to use at all times. Disposable wipes are not sustainable either, they never were, no matter what the retailers continue to say. They only say that the materials are eco-friendly and will be recycled because they want you to buy their stuff. And that’s only if people willingly and consciously make an effort to have their cleaning materials recycled. So, there you go. It does make you want to cry, doesn’t it?

People need to get used to doing a little extra work for a change. Not much elbow grease needs to be added when you take your recycled and re-usable wiping rags to task. These are rather special rags. You do not need to ever throw them away. All you need do is give them a good wash with environmentally friendly and organic detergents. That’s the amazing thing about organic detergents. It does a far better job cleaning your rags and clothes than any other washing powder has ever been able to do.

wiping rags

And it keeps your rags, bags, socks and undies smelling fresh and lasting a lot longer than ever before. So, there you go. Hope springs eternal. Hoping you are feeling so much better now that you have read this.

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